Miranda Lawell

In the final year of my undergraduate education, I began formally studying global public health. In the first class of students who received a global public health minor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Worcester, MA), I assisted in developing the higher level courses of the newly established minor. It is surely not a minor that makes me qualified, but instead the excitement and dedication to ignite and facilitate conversation. My mentor and former global health professor, Dr. Nicola Bulled, expressed upon me the importance of representing all voices at the table – which also included my own. I would be remiss if I did not publicly relay my gratitude for her roll in guiding and shaping my passions and professional career. Dr. Bulled has graciously and repeatedly given me her time to explain new concepts, discuss readings and policies, and providing new reading materials that leave me academically stimulated and appropriately out of my comfort zone. I hope to ignite the same eagerness for global public health in one of onlookers or colleagues as Dr. Bulled has sparked in me.

As my professional endeavors evolve, I imagine this webpage will follow suit. I invite you to take part in discussion on this site, challenge my own opinions, suggest alternative methods by which to convey information, and propose new forms of media to be reviewed.